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    S2studio captures the the art of life and environments through photography. 

    i am... an artist, designer and photographer.  Creativity is my passion that leads me to never stop exploring the boundaries of design on our built environment in multiple forms of expression.  i hold a degree in Architecture from Texas A&M University and practice in San Francisco.  

    i believe art... allows no boundaries to the imagination giving full creative expression.  there's something powerful about holding a paint bush and capturing a unique image as i see it; giving others an experience for generations.  

    i believe design... can improve one's wellbeing crating a space-by-space account that not only functions but invokes emotion.  there's a feeling of reward when i can improve a client's surrounding in a positive light.  90% of our time is spent indoors; let's design smart interiors!

    i believe photography... helps to preserve our precious memories and isolate them from the passage of time.  there‚Äôs something magical about looking through the lens and capturing my surrounding world as i see it; freezing  moments forever. 

    i live... in San Francisco, CA and I enjoy exploring this amazing backdrop to life.


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